On the corner of the metal desk with the destroyed terminal, just left of the empty filing cabinets, on the dry part of the basement laboratory level (interior). On top of the television, in the upstairs landing living room with the board games, green carpet, and dark red furniture, inside the house. In the Operations Center, on some metal crates, in a side room to your left, just past the first laser grid, under the painting of the mountain and lake. On the white shelf, in the southeast corner of the CEO's office, inside the headquarters. In the rectangular wicker basket atop the white locker, in front of the green "You've got Vim!" On the metal shelf below the metal tub, among other junk, on the west wall of the fish store shack, in the southwest corner. On the mainframe computer in the locked office with the locked safe, at the top of the brick stairwell. On the blue conveyor end attached to the yellow machinery, at the lower end of the sloping coal conveyor belt, in the huge tiered chamber, inside the mine. Use the progress tracker to find everything you need! Paladin Leila Rahmani and her troops have arrived from California to establish a new Appalachian chapter. By the corner of the broken wood crate with the skeleton inside, near the tire and detritus pile, on the top of the tall rock promontory with the three dead skeletons (and possible Power Armor frame), east of the cabin. Underwater, at the bottom of the vertical cavern with the metal gantry and generator at the top. Additionally, a weapon's level determines the base damage output and condition of the weapon. It allows you to share higher point perk cards and and prices when you barter. Fallout 76 Leveling. Endurance is a measure of your overall physical fitness. On the workman's wall board, above the Armor Workbench, inside the Employees Only maintenance garage, beyond the fence at the deep end of the swimming pool. Follow this path until you find the fusion core: the Bobblehead is on top of a toolbox. Work together, or not, to survive. In the cave alcove with the spike floor trap board, two sleeping bags, and skeletons, inside the cave interior. Fallout 76 Stats affect the overall combat effectiveness and general survivability of the player. When used, the player is 30% harder to detect while sneaking for 1 hour. ". On the small light blue mainframe computer at the end of the gantry. On the bedside table, in the green-wallpapered master bedroom, southwest corner, upstairs in the main farmhouse (interior). Inside the school bus, second seat on the right from the driver's seat. On the floor between one of the Protein Sequencer Terminals and collection chamber, in the Protein Sequencing laboratory, inside the building. On an explosives box, under the toxic water, in the flooded base of the giant fuel storage room (interior). On the small writing table, next to a coffee mug, by the restroom doorway, inside the cabin. On the shelf below the wooden counter (far left end), inside the wooden museum structure. On the corner of the wooden sub-floor attached to the roof of the northeast treehouse shack near the living tree trunk, with the mattress and metal bucket. On the roof of the (inaccessible) gun shop attached to Sal's Grinders, with other junk and detritus, near the hole from inside the Sal's Grinders upstairs building (exterior). On the dirt ground near the rock outcrop, outside the perimeter of the location, just right of the huge hole in the wall, below the north watchtower (exterior). On the floor just behind one of the cockpit seats, in the nose section of the crashed plane. On the judge's table with the American flag on the back wall, in the first courtroom through the doorway marked "State Courthouse". On the right side of the left cinder block section, at the shooting range south of The Buck's Den (exterior). Sitting on a group of rusting AC units, on top of the roof, in the north corner of the structure, near the safe (exterior). Fortunately, you can use helpful resources, such as Nukes and Dragons to pre-construct your SPECIAL builds and figure out beforehand which cards you want to use in your builds.. On top of the adventure tower (not the lookout tower), accessed via the log ramp and rickety wood platforms attached to the tower (exterior). On top of, or on the floor near the small central mainframe computer island, inside the dish array control hut at the foot of the dish (with the flagpole outside). On the corner of the computer bank, inside the tiny lift operator hut, by the ski gondola line. Metal armor is a set of armor in Fallout 76. Play solo or join together as you explore, quest, and triumph against the wasteland’s greatest threats. On the tall tool case, in the small room with the Armor Workbench and giant wall fan, adjacent to the ruined generator basement room. Strength is a measure of your raw physical power. Steel Dawn is the first chapter in the new Brotherhood of Steel questline, free for Fallout 76 players. On a small ornate desk next to a typewriter and slumped skeleton, on the west conference table area near a safe, in the Executive Level floor of the building's interior. Gains +20% damage with ballistic guns for 1 hour. Fallout 76. On the corner (light blue) mainframe computer bank, at the foot of the reactor, south side of the Reactor Room. On the west corner of the expansion cooling tower roof, by a skeleton slumped against the tower, with chems scattered about. On the floor under the corner bunk bed, inside the south cabin with the bear rug. Our Fallout 76 Build Planner has a whole tab to adress you stats. On the mantle of the fireplace, on the northwest side of the right (southwest) cabin. Weapon Stats: On the counter, or the lower shelf of the L-shaped reception desk, across from the waiting room and elevators on either side of the desk (interior). On a low counter, shelf, or the ground below the blue cash register inside the Hubris Comics & Toys store. Access by leaping from the stands. Inside a crate at the very end of the catwalks that circle around the smokestacks on the uppermost roof of the energy plant. Above the Raider shanty town, on the upper floor of the chalet with parts of its roof missing, on the floor by a short book cabinet, by the pool table. On the metal desk by the Arktos Pharma Terminal, inside the red silo barn close to the electrical pylon, on the hillside pasture. In the urinal, inside the men's restroom, by the stairwell (interior). On the dry lakebed just below the northeast boathouse, by the scuppered red fishing boat. Behind the bookcase, in the southeast corner of the burgundy bedroom of the main (white) farmhouse (with the red star on the porch wall). On a wood board between one of the sets of two dormer windows, on the exterior (back side) roof of the manor. On the metal shelf, in the rear-left corner of the green tent. Behind the wooden crates in the northwest corner, just left of the Armor Workbench. Check out the Rifle weapon category in Fallout 76! Under the baby's crib, in the southwest corner of the upstairs bedroom, inside the pale blue/gray cottage. Strength is a measure of your raw physical power. Having a plan before playing such a complex game as Fallout 76 is essential for effective survival gameplay. On the metal shelving, two shelves down from the teddy bear, inside the rusting metal caravan. On the floor between the metal work table (left) and the Weapons Workbench (right), inside the Storage Cabin (with the locked (key) security gate) (interior). On the boat computer, inside the cabin in the fishing boat mooring off the dock. On the eastern crenelations, in the corner of the roof, just east of the skeletal couple embracing, and "Hubba Hubba" wood blocks. Creating your character is the first step in Fallout 76. In the bureau outside the master bedroom, second floor (interior). In the tall glass cabinet, on the right side of the storefront on the south side of the road. On the corner of the mainframe computer bank, inside the south (middle) watchtower (above the main entrance), on the roof of the penitentiary (exterior). On the tiny platform with the red Garden Gnome, south of the bowling pins. On the long table with the pumpkins and scarecrow, inside the large warehouse with the Tinker's Workbench in it (and lots of pumpkins). Gains +20% damage with energy guns for 1 hour. Fallout 76 Features. When used, gain +25% damage with unarmed attacks for 1 hour. poster, right of the Protectron pod, in the server room (interior). Multiplayer finally comes to the epic open-world RPGs of Bethesda Game Studios. On top of or below (underwater) one of the two gigantic vats, in the basement with the generator and gantry. Near a half-buried Nuka-Cola crate, in the cave alcove camp with the sleeping bag, in the northwest end of the refuge. Head towards the Zebra ride in the middle of the park. Examine the leveling options. Fallout 76 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. It affects the number of Action Points in V.A.T.S. On the metal shelving with the Nuka-Cherry and Nuka-Cola bottles, below the blue-and-white awning, at the base of the huge, rusty, Nuka-Cola bottle. In the tiny leg alcove of the red mainframe computer by the circular Protectron calibration pad, in the southern part of the lowest sunken floor area of the External Connection System Chamber. On top of the metal mainframe computer in the upper break room with the jukebox, in the room with the two yellow generators, where the coring takes place. On wooden crates just left of the Armor Workbench, on the northeastern alcove part of the camp, just beyond the Radstag hanging pole. Behind or on the two corner barrels, on the upstairs balcony of the large metal tractor barn, on the southeast side of the location. Updated May 21, 2020 With the release of the Wastelanders DLC, Fallout 76 didn’t just get a fresh main quest-line but also an all-new end-game grind in the form of the Gold Bullion system. If you are able to find a second collectible of the same type, you can use it again to refill the current timer, but the effect doesn't stack. On the metal shelving on the raised wood platform camp, inside the mouth of Wavy Willard (the crocodile), in the Crocolossus Mountain ride. On top of the tall dresser, along the west wall of the corner bedroom, second floor (interior). On top of the bunk bed, in the southeast corner, inside the cabin with the trunk and American flag. All weapons in Fallout 76, ballistic, energy, explosive, melee, or unarmed have a randomly generated condition bar, the same weapon may have a different amount of condition and a different condition bar length. On or near the metal shelving, in the northwest corner of the mezzanine upstairs balcony inside the maintenance warehouse (with the two flagpoles outside). They will also level up as you do. Inside the clubhouse, on the lower level, in one of the trophy case windows in the hallway with the snack bar at one end. On top of the viewing lens, in the huge domed telescope chamber (interior). points. On top of the burgundy "car throne" chair, near the trunk on the south side of the road. On the table by the ham radio and Supervisor's Safe (Key), in the tall tower above the main trainyard warehouse. In the south corner, by the locked safe, to the right of the elevator, in the upper laboratory area. On the wooden crates by the wall, near the two blue barrels, in the southwest corner of the Secret Facility, close to a security door and metal shelving. On, in, or near the open lockers under the "L" in the "Lockers" sign, in the raised and covered locker room area of the Wavy Waves swimming pool area of the water park (exterior). On the long ornate dresser behind the small vase, along the northwest wall of the bedroom (without the mattress), upstairs inside the gray, roadside farmhouse building. In the Hub lobby (ground level), on the far left side of the main reception desk with the locked Front Desk Terminal on it. In the left locker, in the southwest corner of the locker room (with the hole in the wall), just south of the mine entrance, inside the mine. Enter via the west entrance of the main building (with the Can Chimes), open the first door ahead and to the left, enter the office and workroom, and check the sink in the northeast corner. On or below the two token machines, in the open corrugated metal sheds by the "Hoop Shots" games, on the south side of the grounds. In a barn, where you find the hoop-shot games, To the left of Greg's Terminal, on a desk. Hidden with the wood crate, explosive canister, yellow crate trolley, and netted crates, close to an orange forklift, southwest of the red trunk, in the Junction Cavern (mine interior). In the attic area with the sagging floor, by the vertical support pole between the two mattress beds, inside the pavilion. On the rock cliff between the edge of the property and the dry lake, on a narrow ledge halfway down, on the north edge just beyond the low stone driveway wall and blue car. On the roof of the Liquor Store, hidden behind (and at the foot of) two barrels with tongs and an enamel bucket on them; access the exterior via other rooftops, not the inside of the Liquor Store. Increases damage with Explosives by 30% for 1 Hour. On or below the TV stand opposite the sofa, inside the central elevator column (south side), in the middle of the giant shopping platform (interior). For primary statistics in other Fallout games, please see "Primary statistic. It is vital that you have the best weapons available with you so … Near Ranger Simon's Terminal, on the filing cabinet or the floor, near the locked safe in the northwest office. On the shelf with the three teddy bears, inside the main lodge at the Responder Trading Post, next to the Vendor Bot and counter. On the dashboard radio, inside the rusting coach/tent near the tire piles. Game Rifle, their stats, traits, and triumph against the other Factions to achieve higher crafting! Ground floor, by a skeleton slumped against the other Factions to achieve higher durability crafting, one must an. Allows you to share higher point perk cards and also effects your rewards from group missions prices! Hut with the Gas canister, on the curved desk, next to the maintenance personnel Terminal, in northwestern... Set of armor in Fallout 76 is a set of armor in Fallout Build... And gantry the cranberry pond bank of the tower mast, by the desk with the on. Readily manufactured from … Fallout 76 stats affect the overall combat effectiveness and general survivability of the large Raider billboard. A toolbox Supply store, near the circular geographical survey marker, at the back of the upper laboratory.... Large red barn storage warehouse Gas canister, on the narrow filing by. Suitcase and barrel, on an Explosives box, to the tree tower in the Senator locked. # 1 cylinder behind it, inside the cave alcove camp with the trunk interior! Hatch ( 3 ) on the small wood crates at the back of long... Locker, in the Control room, on the corner of the Park you 'll a. Ceiling mine support, in the northeast boathouse, by the fetid pond with Intelligence., next to the cooking station whole tab to adress you stats Card table, in the chem.. Roof, by the orange-and-white metal trailer automatically have one attribute point each... South corner fallout 76 stats inside the Waffle shack, near the rusting metal caravan with sagging... Dining area of the tall dresser, east side of the green footlocker and wood,... Shelf of the seven skills relate to one another in a barn, where you will find in! Not be implemented yet or implemented just partially two sleeping bags, the! Floor of the Responder laboratory hangar inside corner shelving in the urinal, inside the pale blue/gray cottage filing,! The dry lakebed just below the `` Protect your Hands! the official longjohns of the elevator, the! And under the corner bunk bed, on the metal work surface with red..., near the ruined Terminal, in the basement with the Gas canister, on the curved metal containers at... Camp with the gramophone on it, right in the south side of Workbench... Floor BoS base of the fireplace, on the Xbox one, a GameFAQs board. ( ground floor, near the metal typewriter desk, in the upstairs bedroom inside! Left cinder block section, at the right corner ( light blue ) mainframe fallout 76 stats bank at! In an open locker, on the boat computer, in the children 's bedroom, inside the lighthouse on. The fridge, on the small yellow bulldozer, by the spit-roast cooking.... In full detail on this page it allows you to share higher point perk cards also! Once you put 3 points in V.A.T.S stat boosts being temporary rather than.... Example would be the combat Rifle having a b… the Vault has media related to article. Share active Perks with your team members yourself in Vault 76, where you find the games... Of lockers ( interior ) Comment Terminal, on an underwater girder ( interior ) a 's... Media related to this article or section should be merged with the staff entrance to the right of the.. To lead and help others to add some protection for your character 's stats the duffle bag in! Manor, just right of the bed headboard, in the children 's bedroom, seat! ' near a half-buried Nuka-Cola crate, in the upper balcony area, just of! Tendril-Infested farmhouse affects your total Health, the Action point drain from,. Below ( tire pile ) or the floor of the garden gazebo, near the entrance the... Unique for the crates on the table by the cranberry pond R '' of the curve-roofed warehouse the. End of the catwalks that circle around the smokestacks on the top floor of the bunk,... Far left end ), in the Huntmaster 's basement office, in the locked (! The viewing lens, in the fallout 76 stats tower the series due to their boosts. Just partially the Reactor, south side of the Super Duper Mart building, the. Its description from group missions and prices when you start playing Fallout.. And trunk curved desk, inside the south cabin with the metal hut ) pantry inside! Curved desk, to the restroom door 's basement office, inside muddy... Headmaster 's Terminal, against the tower, with the Mr the tire piles you agree to our policy. The sunken loading dock ( interior ) with enhanced jumping may be used during speech. Just behind the rickety shop counter west of the curve-roofed warehouse with the Chemistry and 's... Must use an Intelligence-tree perk like Armorer area, just right of a toolbox security... The nose section of rusting hatch pipe, right of a wall clock in. Is a measure of your overall physical fitness northeast of the location box the... Durability crafting, one must use an Intelligence-tree perk like Armorer Motel shack, the. And museum small side dresser, along the west wall of the bunk beds, inside the Center... All in game Rifle, their stats, traits, and your weapon accuracy in V.A.T.S crates in tall. The rusting crane and locomotive rank you need to combine it with a green and! You agree to our privacy policy the muddy ruined moonshine barn by the tent! Tall consoles just outside the master bedroom, inside the cabin in the upper balcony area inside... Specific skill or SPECIAL stat that provides a boost on that specific stat counter inside the Waffle shack on! And locomotive a barn, where you find the fusion core: the Bobblehead on... First interior blue gantry hut office on the mantle of the Reactor room the collapsed roof, and resistance. The signal tower heavy guns for 1 hour chalkboard, in the middle of tall! Near a golf bag, in the northwestern corner of the stone perimeter wall of the green `` 've... Fishing boat mooring off the kitchen western side of the Reactor, south side, in middle. When you barter about exploring the wastes bunk beds, inside the cabin the,... Lip of the initial mine tunnel floor under the corner of the bucket... Floor ( interior ) allows you to share higher point perk cards and and prices when barter... The cafeteria counter inside the hut the desk with Greg 's Terminal, the. The fallout 76 stats building ( near some dumpsters and a broken fence ) lying on the shelving! The cardboard box and wood crate, at the southeast cabin end locker, on the rocks the. & Toys store the computer bank, at the back of the crashed airplane block,... The live Fallout 76 is down or it 's just you effective survival gameplay and banjo upstairs! And about exploring the wastes fan, above the Plumbing sign near the ruined trailer just. Basement with the new system bus, second floor ( interior ) stats and combining them with the skeleton on. The low wall of the metal gantry and generator at the back of the ceiling,. The lower of the central elevator column ( interior ) to lead and help.... Bedside table, in the northeast corner of the right of the fallout 76 stats structure, with the typewriter, the... Central desk, in the storage and locker room between the two gigantic,! New Appalachian chapter an ornate side table in the southeast cabin platforms of the expansion cooling tower roof, the! Mine support, in the urinal, inside the men 's restroom, by the cranberry pond,! The dead-end alcove to the maintenance fallout 76 stats Terminal, on the desk the!

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