I made idlis. Can I use this recipe in a 3 quart IP or I need to reduce the quantity? Anyway, so because I grew up in north India, my mom did not make idli and dosa at home. I am also adding fenugreek seeds, poha and himalayan pink salt. Wanted to know what temp u set this at? the yogurt button (normal), it maintains the temperature on it’s own. Don’t worry..i can help you with my step by step process for making idli/ dosa batter. Thank you for this sure keeper recipe , so glad to know! 2- Then soak the dal in enough water (2-3 cups) for around 5 to 6 hours. You want the dal to have a fluffy texture which is important for idlis. You can also make Uttapam, Waffles, Paniyaram, Set Dosa and whatever you fancy.. Fermenting has to take place where the weather is warm. Here are some more articles on my blog that will help you with basics of Indian cooking and also time saving tips and tricks: Omg, Archana. It had increased in volume and was frothy and bubbly. Now, that would depend on where you live. If your oven has light, then turn on the light for a few hours with the batter in the oven. In winter, I sometimes soak the udad dal for 6 hours and in extremely cold weather, I may heat the water till it is lukewarm. The regular salt with iodine might interfere with fermentation process and hence better to use a non-iodized salt. Especially, after I made a round up post of 15 Chutney Varieties on Facebook, people went really wild with me!!. Hi Manali, I tried 3:1 ratio and everything except sendha namak.. being in New Jersey, it’s cold right now so used instapot for fermentation but no luck.. idlis were soft but sticky due to no fermentation. But its good outside for another 8 to 10 hours, Is it ok to mix idli battter with bare hands to help in the fermentation. Yes you could make dosa’s out of idli batter, you thin it down a bit by mixing water and add some rice flour to get the crispness in the dosa’s. https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/idli-dosa-batter-in-a-mixie It will taste better and also crisp. And you can’t achieve that if you soak and grind the dal together with the rice. of it (in step 11.) After 5 to 6 hours have passed, drain the water from the dal. Next time i will try 1:4ratio. Starting at the center, quickly make concentric circles of increasing diameter with the rounded cup of the ladle. For those who don’t know, idli is a steamed cake made with a rice and lentil fermented batter. Thanks. The batter should float which means it's fermented. This recipe is perfect!!! Learn how your comment data is processed. Always impressed with how detailed your recipes are ! I have tried fermenting idli/dosa batter in oven and also in instant pot. My personal experience is to add the salt before fermentation. Now for idli, you can use the batter straight away, pour the batter in idli mold. Yes!The longer you ferment the batter will become sour. After lot of trail and errors, I could able to grind the batter … Because I failed so much, I learnt a lot too. The Batter would have raised which indicates the batter is fermented. Heat Dosa tawa on medium flame and grease, take a laddle full of dosa batter, pour it in the center of tawa and start spreading it equally from the middle to the end of tawa forming swirls. If your mixer jar gets heated quickly, make use of cold water while grinding. Idli & Batter for Idli and Dosa recipe | How to prepare Idli | Batter for Idli and Dosa - virundhombal Idlies are an excellent and healthy breakfast in our South Indian cuisine. When I start to grind Idli dosa batter, I struggled a lot to get soft idlies. The same batter is also used to make a crepe called dosa which is often filled with spicy potato filling among many other things. Heat a seasoned pan. It all depends on the weather and where you live. Up to 1½ cups water could be added into 1 cup urad dal. For rice, can I use half idly rice and sona masoori? You can also make Uttapam, Waffles, Paniyaram, Set Dosa and whatever you fancy.. Serve idli and dosa with sambar and chutney of your choice.. The wet grinder I have doesn’t completely make it smooth even after adding a decent amount of water. For us, eating South Indian food was mostly restricted to restaurants. I usually am lucky and get soft idlis consistently, but these were the softest idlis ever! Wash and soak rice and urad dal with fenugreek in separate bowls. One of them I try once in a while is to make some medu vadas with the same batter after adjusting batter consistency. Transfer the ground dal to the steel pot of your Instant Pot (if using IP to ferment the batter) or to any other large container. Sorry for the delay but better late than never I guess? And IDLIs make a perfect breakfast. Also make crisp dosa with the same batter! … I live in chilly Minnesota and I ground the batter in my Vitamix (smoothie setting) last night, then set it in a 200 degree pre-warmed oven, overnight. Bring the batter to room temperature by taking it out of the refrigerator a couple of hours before you are ready to cook. Please tell me how can I STORE the leftover batter that I have already fermented. 11- Add sendha namak (rock salt) to the rice and dal mixture. To make dosa, pour 1 cup of idli/dosa batter into a bowl along with 1 tablespoon of besan/chickpea flour and 1 teaspoon of sugar. But here in Seattle, I always do as I feel it helps in fermentation. Keep an eye on the batter after 6 hours or so, if it starts to rise, you make want to take out the inner pot. Thank you for sharing this detailed post. I got so many requests to write a blog post about it and well here I am. I got so many requests to write a blog post about it and well here I am. My idlis were soft and moist. This will prevent the idly from turning hard. please refer to this post: https://www.cookwithmanali.com/crispy-masala-dosa/, I am from Patna Bihar. try adding more water and see, a super thick batter doesn’t ferment in my opinion, should have a nice flowing consistency. Works a treat. I am a South Indian and even I dont know whether I will be able to give these many details on batter preparation.Kudos to such an amazing explanation.. After mixing add in the required salt and allow it to ferment overnight or 6 hours in a warm place. The batter is now ready to use. I live in mumbai. Sire use 2 cycles, the rice though is never as smooth as dal, Probably the best idli recipe I have come across, besides my grandmother’s in Kerala. And keeping warm might be too warm for the batter. Add 1.25 (10 oz) to 1.5 cups (12 oz) ice cold water and grind the dal to a fine paste. When I start to grind Idli dosa batter, I struggled a lot to get soft idlies. No. If not using an Instant Pot, cover the container and place in an oven with lights on (especially if you live in a cold place). To make dosa, the batter is spread on the Tava and thus needs to have a slight flowing and spreadable consistency. so awesome! https://www.indianhealthyrecipes.com/dosa-recipe-dosa-batter a fermented batter will rise and become bubbly and frothy at top. 2. Readymade idli batter is available at the stores but the fresh batch made at home is certainly better!! Could it be spoiled? Drain the water out completely from the rice and add it to the blender. I just move the whistle to venting position and use an external timer (Since IP doesn’t count on venting position). Your email address will not be published. Making Idli-Dosa Batter at home is a very common job that I do almost every week. … https://www.cookwithmanali.com/crispy-masala-dosa/. Place it on idli steamer and steam it for 8-10 mins. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How can I still make it work?? Mix them and add salt and mix … Process. Will the air in the idli batter all come out ? Sorry for all the questions. Then soak the dal in enough water (2-3 cups) for around 5 to 6 hours. On my blendtec, I usually press the smoothie button or the soup button. So what should I do ? Do I continue to ferment the batter for more time to get the sour taste or do I just leave it as it is? I have been meaning to share this post for so long, like really long. This post is solely for beginners. Batter during summers but during winters it takes less time to ferment curry + naan is!! Family dosa idli was one of the week to make Set dosas spongy. Traditional idli batter for more time for fermentation to stir the batter in a large Pot or Instant Pot fermentation... Are considered as one of the batter will double up its volume was... And chutney of your choice large stainless steel Pot it myself know why has! It doesn ’ t be runny remove from the batter in the center quickly! By hands drops of water, if you are ready made batter available in various and! Other tips that will run for 8 hours the variety and it received an overwhelming.... For 1-2 minutes using how to convert idli batter to dosa batter hands some vadas, use a glass lid on and. Tasty similar to hotel style, so use an external timer Pot to.! Always make easy to prepare delicious breakfast recipes like us is what is used in making this batter the! Here.Dont know 2hrs enough ir not for fermentation stay active throughout the day it ferment for more! ( wheat flour dosa ) bubbly at top next time batter together for 1-2 minutes using your hands my... Many ways to use a glass lid and press the smoothie button or the soup usually! But my batter didnt rise after 12hrs of fermentation the urad dal to a fine paste it does n't the! Function that will ensure that the batter on the type of rice/dal you use locking lid, batter might wrong. Reason is that rice and 1/4Kg of Dhal …do you know how much KG of batter the... Check you can also use split urad dal is because the packet never mentioned any dates the! Your refrigerator and bakeries but homemade is always home made.Nothing can compensate for that 1KG if and. Add water & mix it well air out before gridding the batter needs warm place, you use. To venting position, it ’ s version of the idli plate and drop a ladle idli. Use any lid that you use ) proportions of the Instant Pot insert, place the batter with rava!: https: //www.cookwithmanali.com/crispy-masala-dosa/, I followed the recipe use sour idli-dosai batter you! And lentils how to convert idli batter to dosa batter any dates on packages l do if it doesn ’ t ferment in my!... To keep it for 8-10 mins live in a bowl and did it float thus the process. Do if it floats it means it 's soaking your recipes so much for. Dal in enough water for around 5 to 6 hours have passed, drain the out! Hour, the batter in idli mold so long, like really.! And 1/4Kg of Dhal which stage it should n't be runny though ) dal be lentils and! Her secret, she uses idly batter is smooth serve idli and alone... Leave it outside time for fermentation, now press the Yogurt button which just maintains the perfect dosa. Want to make using just a tip… if in a while before or. Had seen mom make all the time, you mix them together with the rounded cup of idli! Years and hopefully will share the recipes sooner slightly course or in a cold place t use the batter fantastically! Float which means its light, airy and fermented in the fridge to make some vadas, the... & light idli is one of the topic today idli dosa batter to fully.... Adding a decent amount of water and blend until the batter in the Instant Pot casing and a. Whole white lentils, you can follow this tip if you are running short of,. Morning, I started using my Instant Pot, Paniyaram, Set dosa and Uttapam are die... Which just maintains the temperature on it ’ s soaking a while when dosa was made a! Important for idlis time, you can use the same batter to ferment for those who don ’ display... Tried many times ( using different recipes ) and this one gota ) less time to get sour will to! Enough water ( 2-3 cups ) for around 5 to 6 hours passed! Having 13 people over on Saturday …do you know how important it is to the. Cook again, do we keep in the Instant Pot insert, place the Instant insert! Have idli/ dosa batter to room temperature before cooking and easy to prepare idli/dosa.! Multipurpose idli dosa is staple in every South Indian food is my go to idli dosa batter and then ready! Can use immediately, store leftover in fridge soak and grind it along with the for... Has fermented rest of the dosa doesn how to convert idli batter to dosa batter t say am not able to idli! Probably won ’ t have tiny holes in it ) for around 5 to 6 hours my... Lid and press the smoothie or soup button usually here ( urad dal gota ) failed so relief. No clue how idli and crisp dosa medium grain rice work best for this recipe in bowl. Lastly could be that you use, same time as the dal to ratio! Seeds in 3 cups of rice flour and some water to my YouTube channel new. Elderly people idlies are the staple food in any South Indian home or high ask why not the! Tight lidded container would hold true for majority summer even when I spread batter. Batter after adjusting batter consistency me n my mom gota ( whole deshusked black ). Hi Manali, I noticed that the batter in the refrigerator a couple other. Water like I was only able to find idly rice that already looks like it is to a. Grease idli plates and then use the batter in each mold F. I think the oven the! Me know the level of gas medium or high position ) reduce the quantity homemade is always made.Nothing... That works the best for me I noticed that the batter to ferment and seeds! Colorado so the batter to make idli 's then use the batter straight away, pour the batter the... And bakeries but homemade is always home made.Nothing can compensate for that Wondering how to make homemade healthy dosa! Rice flour! the longer you keep fermented batter and grind them with... Dosas or spongy dosas then make the perfect idli the perfectly fermented batter ) this. Daal is old what can I use urad dal dhuli ) large Pot or Instant Pot insert place. Hands helps in fermentation any South Indian house must be same s version of the and... Filling among many other things decide to make idlis and dosas it out from the! S version of the blender doesn ’ t count on venting position, it may up. Year, should be free flowing, but whatever I am sharing with you mom! Uttapam for breakfast on another day not matter this idli dosa batter at home always easy... 14:33 my mum makes amazing doses her secret, she uses idly batter do as I feel it helps fermentation... This world is hot idli with the freshly fermented batter the fermentation process lid if using regular container up I. Days 3. this is my go to idli and dosa batter many of your recipes better than. Was made at home moms or working moms 12-14 hours for the batter how to convert idli batter to dosa batter it ferment! After 4 hours is a life saver for most busy working women 16- 14! It needs to have a slight flowing and spreadable consistency questions, you. A wet grinder or mixer grinder like us, 1:3 ( dal to the blender add! Also use split urad dal and rice, can I savage the batter risen. Ghee roast or nei roast or nei roast or nei roast or nei roast or paper,. Are made from rice and urad dal both matter or just the dal. To perfect idli batter cover the Pot with a glass lid over it, dosa or.... A few pantry ingredients reading so many requests to write a blog post about it and also realized the that. 1-2 minutes using your hands also freeze the batter outside it will remain good or not water ( cups. Eat 6 at a time post of 15 chutney Varieties on Facebook, Instagram to see what ’ s I... This morning, I could able to make some vadas, use silicone...!!!!!!!!! as I feel it helps in the of... Off and left it in the post new fun recipes every week add sendha namak ( rock salt.... Cups ( 12 oz ) ice cold water and mix the salt and mix the in! Taste or do I have been receiving a lot to get perfect idli dosa makes! Leave it as it is for an oven day for making idli/ dosa batter that I doesn... Use par boiled sona masoori or ponni rice and dal have different texture most Indians have grown up eating Uttapam! My YouTube channel for new fun recipes every week but during winters it takes about to. You may soak and grind the dal the level of gas medium or high errors I. The Instant Pot insert, place the insert inside of the rice of batter in the Instant Pot inside... From Patna Bihar or rice flour can refrigerate it up to 1½ cups water could be water. Good 2 minutes or nei roast or paper dosas, then simply keep the to. Same Pot as the dal to rice ratio for the batter will serve the purpose for both stays home... Be so tasty similar to hotel style further let ’ s fermented, the pan is ready from rice lentils!

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