DAS Trader PRO offers a wide variety of functions that will satisfy most day traders. The platform is fully customizable to the needs of individual traders to deliver a singular, exceptional trading experience. 6 Posts; 0 Likes; Which one do you guys/girls like more? Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by LongContrarian, Sep 12, 2013. DAS Trader Pro is a desktop platform that comes with a lot of useful features that day traders need. REQUEST TRIAL DEMO. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. Sterling Trader® Pro is a multi-purpose front-end direct access trading platform equipped with a list of specifically designed and distinctive features. Information About SpeedTrader Commissions & Fees Trading Platforms Exchange Agreement. 36 Posts; 2 Likes; Which one did you end up going with? Get Started Open an Account Start a Trial Demo Fund Your Account Join the Affiliate Program. Share. The choice between the three will come down to the type of trader you are, the type of UI you prefer for charting software, and the subscription price. SpeedTrader PRO delivers streaming Level 2 and Time & Sales data in real-time. However, one of the biggest issues is that none of these platforms are free, unless of course you trade a certain amount of shares per month. Share. DAS Trader 2 vote(s) 100.0% Sterling Trader Pro 0 vote(s) 0.0% piyayo. Sterling Trader Pro gives traders the performance and functionality they need to compete in today’s markets. Shaun. Pricing. Sterling Trader Pro is a full-featured Level II trading platform designed for professionals who work with the rapidly moving electronic markets. eSignal’s primary competitors are TC2000 and TradingView. Sterling Trader Pro is used by traders worldwide. Sterling Trader Pro. SpeedTrader Pro . Sterling Trader Pro delivers a feature-rich package of state-of-the-art equities and options trading tools designed to give traders complete control. Customize your settings, link to your charts, and place orders directly from the Level 2 screen. Advanced Charting, Watch Lists and scanners. Speedtrader Pro Trading Platform – Developed by DAS Inc. Here's how we tested.. DAS Trader Pro is a desktop trading platform built for professional-direct-access trading. SpeedTrader has white-labeled the suite of products developed by Direct Access Software Inc. (DAS Trader). Let’s check it out. As a reminder, it is not a brokerage, but a standalone desktop software platform that can be connected to compatible online brokerage accounts to manage trades or be used as a research platform independently with the demo … What I thought was very useful here was a Level II-style window that displays bid-ask data from each exchange. A market view window displays the day’s bid and ask numbers along with high and low figures. I have not been a trader for all that long and I'm sure there are other solutions out there and will be more in the future but I do think that DAS and IB are platforms that I can grow with so for now, that's where I am! Eze EMS aka RealTick. Sterling Trader® Elite is the platform of choice for firms and traders with more sophisticated needs. Thanks, I was hoping Sterling Trader Pro would be available, since I am familiar with it, but seems that I have to migrate to DAS in this case. Sterling Trader. There is CenterPoint Trader, there is Sterling Trader Pro, and DAS Trader Pro, all of which are top-notch and professional platforms. Unless you are open to a new broker. DAS Trader Pro is a direct access trading platform with advanced order types, charting, and multi-account management in a real-time environment. Choose from a wide range of hot key setups. Explore DAS Trader Pro.

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